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Plans for the Future

When I think of photography and my place in the industry, I struggle to find my area of practice.

When I first began my photographic journey, I enjoyed photographing nature and wildlife and I could see myself pursuing wildlife photography.

Fine art and abstract photography was another area I loved. I would always look forward to getting the camera out each day and trying new things. Things like smoke art to create mandalas with, or macro water drops. Working with people, in or out of the studio, was never in my plans due to my social anxiety issues.

After a long break away from photography, I am now struggling to find my way back to it, and the genres I once loved no longer appeal to me.

What does excite me also happens to make me anxious. I want to utilise the studio and explore glamour photography. And even more anxiety-inducing, I want to work on street portraiture. I want to meet new people and discover their stories.

My journey is ever-changing and for now I’m going to sit back and enjoy the process.