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Launching A Website

What’s In A Name?

After too much time spent trying to find “the perfect name” for my photography venture, I finally settled on “AK Draven Photography”; this was the most obvious choice, and I had pushed it aside several times because of its simplicity. I tried to think of more unique and catchy names, but in the end, I realized simpler is often better.

Choosing a name like “Dark Room Studio” or “Family Time Photos” would have told any prospective customer what I do, but it would have boxed me into a corner. People would expect me to do nothing more than traditional film photography or only family photography.

Choosing AK Draven Photography means people can associate my work with who I am, making it easier for referrals. It’s a less generic name with a higher chance a domain name will be available.

Now I’d chosen my name; the next thing was to purchase my domain name. I have a very uncommon name, so it was easy to find the domain I needed. I bought it through and linked it to a WordPress account. From there, I could build my website. Right now, it is just a foundation until I build my portfolio up more and find my niche.

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