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Choosing A Logo

After I had chosen my name and set my website up, I knew I needed a logo. An artistic friend offered to design a logo for me. I asked for “something simple that says who I am and what I do, with a simple colour palette.”

After a day or two, she handed me a file with my new logo. It was a watercolour effect camera within a circular design with my name around the circumference.

While I loved this logo and used it for some time, I started to want something more simple, something more minimalist. I experimented with my signature, but nothing was coming out the way I’d like. I found, a website that specialises in creating custom signature logos. I sent my request and received my new logo – but this felt more like a watermark than a logo.

After some experimenting in Photoshop, I blended both logos to create a new one. A circular design with my name inside around the circumference and part of my signature in the middle. The resulting design can be both a logo and a watermark.

Original Logo
Signature Logo
Blended Logo