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My ‘Portfolio’ links to my Pixieset page, a separate entity to my personal website. It allows me to showcase my work on an easy to understand interface.

Using Pixieset to show my work means I don’t have to upload all of my images to my private website, taking up excess room on the server and causing the website to slow down.

Pixieset offers free and paid plans. Currently, I’m using the free plan which allows me 3GB of photo storage, but takes a 15% store commission with each sale. Paid plans provide storage increases starting at 10GB and removes the commission fees. Having a paid plan also gives you the option of having a custom domain linked to it, to give the viewer the impression it is directly linked with your personal website.

For now while I am just building a portfolio a free plan is perfectly fine for my needs, but as my portfolio increases I will need to consider upgrading my plan.

Using Pixieset rather than a personal website has even more benefits. I can lock galleries with a custom password so only specific people can have access to it. I can allow downloads at different resolutions, or I can allow the clients to purchase prints.

When prints are purchased, the order is immediately sent to Loxley Colour printing service, where they print the order and send it to the customer directly, saving me a lot of time and effort.