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Documentary and Truth

This is an example of how an image can be twisted to fit a narrative just by using a crop tool. The central, “complete” image, shows a soldier helping who appears to be a prisoner to drink water. A second soldier appears to be holding a gun to the soldiers head, but on closer inspection this is more likely to be forced perspective. This gun is in the foreground and aiming towards the ground, and not at the mans head.

Cropping it one way makes the forced perspective illusion harder to identify, and we are shown a soldier, without his water, appearing to have a gun to his head and facing an execution.

Cropping it the other way shows a soldier showing compassion to a prisoner and helping him to drink his water.

Many might argue that leaving an image uncropped, and unedited, is the best, and only, way to show the truth of the situation. However, in this case, I feel the right (blue tinted) image is more of an accurate representation of this image because it crops out the forced perspective, so we are not tricked into believing another soldier has a gun to this mans head.